About Us

Idaho Reads is a coalition comprised of community-based groups that are working to improve reading proficiency in Idaho. Idaho Reads has a historic opportunity to ensure that every child in Idaho receives the gift of reading so they can be successful in school, work and life. We believe every child in Idaho has the right to read and it is the responsibility of all the adults in their life to make sure they do. We have set these tangible, actionable goals:

  • Increase the percent of Idaho fourth graders who are proficient in reading to 51% by 2019
  • Increase the percent of Idaho kindergartners who score at or above benchmark on the Fall IRI to 67% by 2019
  • Increase the percent of Idaho 3rd graders who score at or above benchmark on the Spring IRI to 81% by 2019

Idaho Reads members are dedicated to implementing projects that help kids become better readers. They include:

  • Idaho Voices for Children
  • Idaho Association for the Education of Young Children
  • Idaho Commission for Libraries
  • Treasure Valley Education Partnership
  • YMCA Alliance
  • Idaho Education Association
  • Idaho Business for Education
  • Idaho Early Childhood Coordinating Counsel
  • Boise State University
  • Lee Pesky Learning Center
  • Idaho State Department of Education
  • Idaho Community Foundation
  • United Way of Southeastern Idaho
  • And growing