National Campaign for Grade Level Reading


The National Campaign for Grade Level Reading targets three intervention areas for improving reading skills among young children. All kinds of literacy stakeholders, from teachers and parents, to businesses and individuals, can help address these areas:

  • School Readiness

Low-income and other disadvantaged children are less likely to develop the fundamental skills needed to reap the benefits of school. Poorer children hear as many as 30 million fewer words than their more affluent peers, and have fewer books in the home. Early learning experiences of all kinds can help kids get ready for school.

  • Attendance

Chronic absence, or missing 10 percent of school days in one year, can seriously impact learning and achievement in later grades. Kindergartners who miss 10 percent of school days have lower academic performance when they reach first grade. Curbing excessive absences will help kids stay on track with reading.

  • Summer Learning

Low-income students lose as much as two months of reading achievement over the summer; summer learning loss is cumulative, and can be addresses through enriching summer activities for kids.